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Placido Domingo sings Zarzuela
at Madison Square Garden.






Producer/Director - Arts Programming: Clemente D’Alessio is the Founder and President of D’Alessio Media, Inc., an arts production company committed to the international broadcast and stage presentation of the performing arts for the past twenty years. A five-time Emmy award winner, he began his career at the Metropolitan Opera, where he was television Producer of fifty full-length operas for the premier PBS series, Live from the Met. Since then he has produced national and international radio and television programs featuring world-class talent like Audrey Hepburn, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Skitch Henderson.

Arts Administration: Clem was at the Metropolitan Opera for fifteen years, first in the Business & Technical Department and then as part of the newly formed Media Department. He started his career in the arts in management at the New York Philharmonic, and was General Manager of the Newark Boys Chorus. Twenty years ago he founded D’Alessio Media, Inc., which produces high-profile television, radio, and stage productions exclusive to the performing arts.



• New Business Development: Founded The Classical Hour at Steinway Hall - a chamber music series of fifty programs that were broadcast throughout Asia by NHK-TV, Japan. These programs are now on sale through Amadeus Press.
Result: To introduce talented young classical musicians to a viewing audience of hundreds of millions of people.
• Team-Building: Developed the production team and artistic staff for Live from the Met, including the camera and audio crew, Director, Lighting, et. al. This crew was mixed with the UN production team for A Memorial for Audrey Hepburn at unicef, which D’Alessio Produced and Directed for international distribution.
Result: A world-class arts broadcast production team, which exists to this day.
• Project Management: Provided theater, television broadcast and transmission equipment, stage and television crew, formatting, post-production, and air-time for telecasts such as Our Common Future, an ecology cause concert to two-hundred countries, and The Concert for Peace, a co-production with Norwegian television for The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, featuring President Vaclav Havel and Gregory Peck.
Result: International contacts as well as familiarity with Hi-Definition television and transmission.
Television, Radio and Stage Production: Produced and/or Directed hundreds of hours of PBS primetime programming like the centennial of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the annual Richard Tucker Opera Gala. Supervised stage productions for the Metropolitan Opera and the Opera Company of Philadelphia.
Result: An important archive of historically relevant arts programs featuring
great artists, some of whom are no longer performing. Many programs reside at
the Museum of Television and Radio in NYC.

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