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Opera Stamps
at the Metropolitan Opera House
Show design by Henry Baker, BXB, Inc.







Arts Administration: Clem was at the Metropolitan Opera for fifteen years, first in the Business & Technical Department and then as part of the newly formed Media Department. He started his career in arts in management at the New York Philharmonic, and was General Manager of the Newark Boys Chorus. Twenty years ago he founded D’Alessio Media, Inc., which produces high-profile television, radio, and stage productions exclusive to the performing arts.

Producer/Director - Arts Programming: Clemente D’Alessio is the Founder and President of D’Alessio Media, Inc., an arts production company committed to the international broadcast and stage presentation of the performing arts for the past twenty years. A five-time Emmy award winner, he began his career at the Metropolitan Opera, where he was television Producer of fifty full-length operas for the premier PBS series, Live from the Met. Since then he has produced national and international radio and television programs featuring world-class talent like Audrey Hepburn, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Skitch Henderson.



• Celebrity Relationships: Worked intimately with many classical music celebrities, including over ten national broadcasts with Luciano Pavarotti at the Met, and for his international vocal competition at the Opera Company of Philadelphia.
Result: Learned diplomacy, tact, and protocol.
• Production Management: Scheduled and managed new productions of operas from concept to stage, through opening night. Worked with world-class Directors and Designers like Franco Zefferelli, stage staff, craft work shops, costume designers and shops, etc. The largest of these productions being Wagner’s Ring Cycle – 4 operas, over twenty-four hours of music.
Result: Developed complicated scheduling and communication skills, the craft of delivering information to many diverse groups in a style that was easily understood. Learned design basics, lighting, construction techniques and aesthetics.
• Union Negotiations: Negotiated on behalf of Metropolitan Opera management, where there are twenty-one unions. Also, negotiated deals show by show.
Results: Understanding of negotiating procedures with major unions, and contracts with all the unions represented in any US theater or performing company.
• Strategic Planning & Business Administration: Created, funded, and produced projects for D'Alessio Media, Inc., which has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary. This work includes managing an office and audio studio.
Results: An exemplary reputation in the arts and broadcast field, five Emmys, an important arts archive, and the ability to produce telecasts of the highest level on budget and on time.

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